Teo Huey Ling’s work includes drawings, contemporary sculptures and art installations. Being tremendously driven by intricate and laborious processes, the artist takes interest in learning and mastering technical skills to uncover the properties of the materials she works with. She thinks that her work is the partnership between the materials, bonded through sensuous understanding and spontaneous responses.

Huey Ling graduated with high distinction in both ceramics and drawings from the National Art School, Australia, 2006. She has taught part-time in NAFA Diploma, NAFA Junior Arts, and at Temasek Polytechnic Design school. 

Her work strives on the idea of ambiguity that shifts the forms of the biomorphic shapes through repetition, overlapping and juxtaposition. A deliberate attempt which portrays an amorphous state of being through visual storytelling. It is also an exploration of the self and interplay of variable art elements into an aesthetic language which leaves its viewer room for imagination and interpretation. 

The artist seeks to find a connectedness with the role as an artist and hopes that art gives the power to engage the community and establish true belongingness through aesthetic-driven dynamics in forms and materials.