Singapore Ceramics Now!: Re-imagining Ceramics Through Fresh Eyes 

An exhibition at Gillman Barracks during Singapore Art Week 2021

The Inaugural ‘Singapore Ceramics Now 2021’ (SCN) exhibition in Gillman Barracks aims to make its mark as a visionary platform of contemporary ceramics that surveys the work of 19 Singapore-based artists. Embracing the curatorial theme of “Marking | Making”, the exhibition celebrates the diverse processes, techniques, and artistic ideas within ceramics art in Singapore. The artworks strike a balance between showcasing the dexterity of traditional and experimental techniques and presenting ceramic art objects in refreshing contexts. Exploring topics like urbanisation, environment, identity, and the community, the exhibition’s complementary programmes will include a Raku firing demonstration, several live performances, and workshops, on top of artist and curator talks. SCN aims to create an open dialogue for Singapore-based ceramicists on  experimentation and new approaches, and to develop a unique experience for local audiences to re-imagine how ceramics can be encountered and appreciated in Singapore. 

The show opens on 20 Jan 2021 during Singapore Art Week, and will end on 13 Feb 2021 at Block 7 of Gillman Barracks. 

SCN is founded and led by Artistic Director, Jason Lim, a renowned Singaporean ceramicist and performance artist, and curated in partnership with SEED the Art Space, a non-profit arts organization that aims to “seed’ new ideas and dialogues in Singapore. Fuelled by Lim’s desire to enliven the community and reach wider audiences, he believes in bringing together artists from various disciplines who are working with ceramics. “Clay as a medium is going to stay with us for a long time and this show attempts to bring nature back to the people,” Lim said. Viewers will discover how Singapore’s urban setting, identity, history, nature, and communities serve as the artists’ inspiration. SEED’s curatorial team sees ‘Singapore Ceramics Now 2021’ as a way to reset how audiences perceive contemporary ceramic arts, and become witnesses of the evolution of the medium in Singapore. Through the exhibition, we hope visitors can re-learn the relationship between clay, pottery, ceramics, and contemporary art.”  

Jason Lim is joined by a diverse group of contemporary artists working with ceramics including Delia Prvacki, Madhvi Subrahmanian, Kerry Jameson, Ahmad Abu Bakar, Chua Soo Kim, Pang Swee Tuan, Lim Kim Hui, Angie Seah, Steven Low, Teoh Huey Ling, Todd Tok, and Nelson Lim, Daisy Toh, Shane Ng, Hans Chew, and Tan Shao Qi, to realise the exhibition. The exhibition will also feature performances separately by Foo Ai Wei and  The Observatory, a local art rock band,  who will use ceramic pieces as part of their improvised sound performances.


Exhibition VIP preview – 20th January 2021

Exhibition dates – 22th January to 13th February, 2021

Exhibition venue – Block 7, Level 1, Gillman Barracks

Media preview – 20th January, 2021, 4.00pm to 6.30pm

E X H I B I T I O N   &   P R O G R A M M E S

This exhibition is a coming together of ceramicists from different generations and cultural backgrounds to build a stronger artistic community and also to create an awareness among local audiences for the wide ranging artistic practices within ceramic art globally and in Singapore.


In conjunction with the exhibition is a line-up of engaging and immersive outreach programs like Live Raku firing, Curatorial Tours, Panel Talks and Artist Demonstrations. These outreach programmes aim to disseminate knowledge and information about the history of ceramic art in Singapore, to create a space for exchange and conversation between artists and audiences, and to demystify the craft behind this art form.

L I V E   R A K U   F I R I N G

Dating right back to the early 16th Century, this firing technique has been used to create ceremonial tea wares for Zen Buddhist Masters. This preferred finishing technique touches on many aspects of Zen philosophy. In essence, Raku is the process where pots are taken out from the kiln while still glowing red hot and are then placed in an extremely flammable material. This starves the pots of oxygen and gives the glaze a wonderful variety of colors. It is an incredibly exciting technique that generates much anticipation after each firing, in light of the many different possibilities.

P A N E L   T A L K S

Panel talks will be held on the weekends, featuring the participating artists. These sessions, which will allow artists to share about their different approaches and artistic practice, will also include lively discussions on diverse themes within ceramic art. Details will be available at

A R T I S T   D E M O N S T R A T I O N S

Artist demonstrations will be organised on the weekends. Each demonstration will run for about 60 mins and will help audiences better appreciate the techniques and skill needed to create ceramic artworks.

C U R A T O R I A L   T O U R S

Private guided tours led by the curatorial team will provide insights into the exhibition’s themes and will allow guests a deeper understanding of the various works presented in this exhibition.  ​


J A S O N   L I M

Lim’s repertoire of works encompasses ceramics, photography, installation art and performance art. He has organized and created various platforms for alternative art practitioners to meet and collaborate. As a ceramist, his works have been collected and commissioned by various public museums, art institutions, corporate companies and private collections, both locally and internationally. Lim’s artistic projects, residencies and travels have been recognized, supported and awarded with numerous grants and awards from the National Arts Council since 1994.

S E E D   T H E   A R T   S P A C E

SEED is a non-profit arts organization that aims to enable and empower artists, curators, researchers, and art enthusiasts to explore ideas which could push the boundaries of artistic practices.  Founded by Connie Wong, Lourdes Samson and Ivy Lam, the organization aims to “seed” new ideas, new artistic approaches and new audiences through artist residency programmes, art exhibitions, art educational talks or workshops and other outreach programs.

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