Born in 1975, with an impressive portfolio ranging from exhibitions to teaching, Nelson Lim is no stranger to the ceramic art scene in Singapore and has established himself as one of the promising local ceramicists.


While pursuing a diploma in fine arts (majoring in ceramics) at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 1999 under the mentorship of Mr Peter Low, his passion for ceramics saw him taking part in major exhibitions as he explored and interacted with artists to infuse new ideas and techniques into his works. These exhibitions include ‘Fresh Flesh’, ‘The French Affair’, 3rd Arts Festival-Best of SVA Group Exhibition-Nafa and Ceramics Demonstrations, which were held at his alma mater and Carnival at the Bay in 2000, and well received from artists and critics alike. With a tireless work attitude and a never-ending desire to improve, Nelson was invited to many exhibitions and overseas residencies. His exhibitions at CERAMITIVITY NUS (2005), Australia Ceramics Triennial (2009) and Southeast Asia Ceramics Conference (2012) have seen new ideas captured in clay, and have received much acclaim. Nelson was invited to be the advisor for the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Ngee Ann 3D Art Exhibitions (held at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre), and served as an advisor for the 1st Ngee Ann 3D Sculpture Competition, 2010.


Ever relentless in his quest to improve and acquire new knowledge in the field of ceramics, he enrolled in the MFA Applied Arts program (Ceramics) at Tainan National University of Arts (TNNUA) in 2014, under the guidance of Prof Chang Ching Yuan. During his studies in Taiwan, he travelled and exhibited his works extensively both in Taiwan and overseas. His participation in exhibitions include Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition in Asia, Korea (2014), Earth and Fire: 3rd Southeast Asian Ceramics Symposium,  Washington DC, USA (2014), Contemporary Asian Ceramics, Exchange Exhibition, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China (2015), Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Arts as Archive, TNNUA, PhD Program, international exchange exhibition (2016).


With his explorative and inventive technique in ceramics making, Nelson’s works were recognized at Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 (Honorable Mention), Taiwan Ceramics Awards 2017 (Finalist), Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2016 (Merit Prize) and selected for the 12th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan, 2021. Nelson had his first solo exhibition in 2017 at Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan. His work ‘Construction of Memories’ is the largest ceramics artwork ever exhibited in the Museum to date, and has received encouraging and positive response from viewers. In 2018, Nelson became a member of IAC (International Academy of Ceramics). Based in Geneva, the academy is the only association devoted to the medium of clay that functions on an international level.