Artist, curator and writer, Madhvi Subrahmanian lives and works in Singapore, frequently showing in her city of birth - Mumbai.  Madhvi's practice is informed by her migratory life and her multiple forms are often set in participatory or immersive installations. Madhvi is a member of International Academy Of Ceramics, Geneva and Artaxis, USA. She trained at the Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry and has a Master of Fine Arts from SMU, Dallas, TX. Madhvi has participated in several international artist-in-residence programs such as in Japan, China and US. Her works can be seen in many private and public collections like Shigaraki Ceramic Sculptural Park, Japan. FuLe Museum, Fuping, China and Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore. Among the international ceramic biennales, she has shown in Korea, Indonesia, India and China as well as at  several museums. Madhvi is a founding member and curator of the Indian Ceramics Triennale and shows with Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai.​