Aiwei Foo is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in Fine Art and Fashion Design. Having worked in the artistic and creative field for the past decade, her practice began as a result of the American painter and performance art pioneer, Allan Kaprow’s influence. The essayist and artist explored a direction in art where the idea and process were considered more important than the object, and it was this notion of “the blurring of art and life” that spurred Aiwei on to constantly explore life as an art form and to integrate art into life. From then on, it was her personal conviction that art and life feed off each other and their mutual dependence has significantly impacted her creation of works that maintain their integrity. With regard to technique, Aiwei sculpts her craft by working with limitations in a spontaneous manner, creating both physical and non-physical works with various mediums: visuals, textiles, drawing, writing, music, video and performance art. 


Aiwei’s works were featured in numerous publications in papers and online media. In 2016, she was the featured artist on Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka. During the same event, she was awarded the Judge Prize from Jam Factory Bangkok, Masakazu Takei Award from the representative of Foil Gallery Kyoto, and Mayumi Matsubara Award from the founder of interior coordination office I IN CO., LTD. She was also one of the artist ambassadors for “Japan Art Travel” in 2019, organised by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). 


Aiwei is now working on a series of experiential projects using tea and food as a medium by integrating different forms of art practices together. She was running a multi-disciplinary studio, The Picnic (路邊野餐) in Singapore, and was commissioned by National Gallery Singapore to set up a tearoom and a performative tea break session. Her project was also being featured as part of the art food program during the Singapore Food Festival. 


Aiwei is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and continuing her tearoom series under a collective called Shaman Tearoom (山門).