Delia was born 1950, in Baia Mare, a city known for its painting schools and its mining traditions, in the North of Transylvania, Romania. After completing her International Baccalaureate in Humanities, she studied fine arts, earning a master’s degree in applied arts at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest.


She left Romania when she was 25 and moved to ex-Yugoslavia with her husband - fellow artist Milenko Prvacki. For the following 17 years Delia built a successful career, receiving recognition and numerous awards for her innovative approach to her ceramic studio practice, participating frequently in solo and group exhibitions at major cities throughout ex-Yugoslavia and Europe.


Due to the worsening social and political environment, culminating with a military confrontation, Delia and her family decided to leave ex-Yugoslavia, as an act of protest and non-acceptance of such developments. A fortuitous opportunity brought them to Singapore at the end of 1991. Since 1992, Delia has immersed herself in the local arts and culture scene, developing a genuine love for the tropical environment and passion for Southeast Asia's heritage. Delia became a Singaporean citizen in 2002.


From the beginning of her new life in Singapore, Delia began learning a completely new language and building, once again, her own artist’s studio. Delia focused on keeping her studio practice active, organizing solo shows at various locations, such as Sculpture Square (1999 & 2010), Substation (2017), iPreciation Gallery (2020). In 2019 she was invited to participate in the International Terracotta Sculpture Symposium, TERRA, Serbia.


Delia has been commissioned for several important large-scale projects for public spaces. She took these opportunities to display her skills and material knowledge through a variety of themes and techniques: monumental sculptures, ceramic murals, wall reliefs, GRC and mosaic assemblage, along with mixed media installations for Esplanade's concourse (2016) and the Children’s Biennale at National Gallery (2019)Delia is a member of the International Ceramic Academy (ICA) and a member of the Association of Professional Artists of Decorative Arts In Belgrade, Serbia.